Questions To Ask To Find The Right Landscaper

It’s budget-conscious to landscape your lawn alone, but a professional specialized in landscaping is a better value. Saving money in exchange for novice results is not the impression you and garden lovers want. Hire a landscaper to do the job correctly without re-dos. To find the best landscaping professional, ask insightful questions. These questions eliminate the pros from the inexperienced and save you and garden lovers a lot of hassle.

Does The Landscaping Company Design And Construct?

Find a landscaping company with professionals who design and construct the landscaping project. This adds cohesiveness to the project, keeping the mindset and interpretation on the same page. Conversely, assigning one company to design and another to construct is counterproductive. It also costs less to get one company to do everything than to pay two separate companies.

Can You View The Landscaper’s Past Work?

All professional landscapers must have a portfolio with samples of their best work so potential clients can study their style. Landscapers without a collection are landscapers to avoid. Landscapers with a portfolio must display superb results in large and small gardens as well as excellent results in design and construction. Use their portfolio as inspiration to create a masterpiece on your lawn. The landscaper should rely on their collection to assist in making those visions a reality.

What Credentials Does The Landscaper Have?

Expertise in the art of landscaping is equally essential to a portfolio. Specifically, search for respected landscape organizations and membership clubs to see if the landscaper is a member. Look for a degree from a landscape design institution as well as whether they will comply with local and national regulations. Find this information on the company website, personal website, and social media pages first. If it’s not there, ask the landscaper in person.

What Vision Or Ideas Does The Landscaping Company Have For Your Home?

A consultation is beneficial to determine if the ideas and visions you have to match the landscaper’s visions and ideas. Get a feel for their style in person, resolve any miscommunication, and channel your intuition to determine comfort level with the landscaper. If nothing is synchronizing, politely decline the landscaper and review the remaining options on the table.

Can The Landscaper Work Within My Budget?

Money is a motivator in any project and landscaping is no exception. The landscaper must know how to offer a fantastic result within a given budget. The landscaper must also mention when a project will cost more than allowed and be honest about it up front. Lastly, a landscaper cannot include hidden costs or nasty surprises before, during, and after the project. That includes hiccups during the project such as design changes or delays. A landscaper needs to be upfront with any costs related to mid-project changes.

Will The Landscaper Provide An ETA For The Project?

A landscaping project “takes longer than a 30-minute or an hour reality show.” says BUR-HAN Landscaping Vancouver. An ETA is the estimated timeframe all landscapers should give clients to review before agreeing to the project. Included in the ETA is the time a project needs from start to finish, delivery times, materials, plants, and foreseen constraints.

How Do I Maintain The Lawn After Completion

A landscape professional should not complete the task and leave. How will you maintain the lovely lawn? A landscaper should mention the care instruction to keep the landscape in pristine condition. Their investment in teaching you this information is significant because they want to make sure the project retains its beauty after completion. Don’t expect the company to do follow-ups as this is your responsibility. Add this component to the ETA to ensure landscapers add this step.

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